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Once you completed your inscription, the device you used on register is automatically authorized on the network. You can then connect to the network either by wire or by Wi-Fi. To add more devices (within the limit of 4 network interfaces maximum), you will have to connect them first to the network :


You will need a specific network cable (rj45) that you can plug one end in the wall socket and the other end in your device.

Network wire

Network socket on a laptop

If you don't have such port on your machine (e.g. with some “ultrabooks”), there are some adapters you can find on specialized stores :

USB-Ethernet adapter

Flemnet do sell low-cost cables if need be (prices).


Flemnet Wi-Fi network is now fully usable in almost every rooms. Only AJ-* rooms (building 11, level -1) may experience bad signal. For inscriptions (or to add more devices), select the network “register.flemnet”, for a normal access to the network, use the network “flemnet” (passkey : aabbccddee).

To add more machines, you then have to go - on these specific machines - on register, select “Ajouter une machine” and fill the blank as you did for your inscription (security key is on your receipt).

If you experience any difficulty, bring your device to the Flemnet office during our technical permanence.

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